Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It has begun

My long-awaited kitchen remodel is not going to be quick. It is going to happen in small increments interspersed with bursts of activity.

This happened Sunday:
There are actually two more like it now.

We can see the original plaster ceiling above the lower ceiling that was put in in the late 1940s. We can see the water damage that happened in one corner of that ceiling sometime in the last 70 years. We can see the wiring for all of the outlets and lights in our kitchen that runs between the two ceilings.

It is helpful to know what we are dealing with.

What I don't have a picture of is the aftermath of this job. After Colin pulled out the power tool. After the cloud of drywall dust covered the contents of the main floor of my house. After COlin left on his motorcycle.

Thank goodness for my friends Jacqui and Effie, who--fueled by margaritas--helped clean the mess up while the men were out riding. I'd still be cleaning.

I've decided that this much-neglected blog is the best way to document this process, so any of you who are interested can be along for the ride. Hang on. This could get bumpy.


Mom said...

So glad to be able to enjoy the view - from a safe distance.;)
I'm very happy for you, that this is underway; it's going to be great! I will definitely stay tuned.

Susan said...

Too late for the first round, and maybe you figured it out already. When Erin's kitchen was remodeled, she said there was coal dust All Over Her Whole House. I said, "But when your dad works on a room, he blocks the door with a heavy tarp to contain the dust, so it doesn't spread." She said the remodelers at their house didn't do that. I keep telling myself that, no matter how inconvenient it is, I will have to block well all three doors to my kitchen when it is redone.