Sunday, August 28, 2016

One step forward, four steps back

As I promised, this kitchen thing isn't going to be quick.

After getting cabinet prices from a local family-owned place, I decided to compare what the big-box stores had to offer. Sticker shock, mainly.

Our kitchen presents some challenges. It is small. The measurements are such that the most standard cabinet sizes don't fit without leaving more space than we ideally want to leave. We are planning to have the cabinets run to the ceiling to gain space, but that also limits the availability of cabinets other than high-end. So, yeah. Pricey.

And then there is the plan to move the basement door, which is filling me with more than a little trepidation. It would add two feet of counter space, and room for the dishwasher on the perimeter of the kitchen, but, if not well-executed--or finished promptly--could leave me with an ongoing unsightly opening in the center hall of the main floor of my house. (Did I mention that my husband, who doesn't live here during the week, wants to do the work himself?)

(My main bathroom is unfinished after almost five years.)

You see my problem.

Trying to stay within my budget, figure out all of the details of something that is way outside of my comfort zone, and fear of making a huge mistake are all contributing to a certain paralysis.

But those holes in the ceiling are calling for progress.


Susan said...

Your sticker-shock comment: Are you saying the big box stores were cheaper or more expensive than the local, family-owned place? So far, the only place I've seen pricetags are Menards and Ikea, and I'm pretty sure we don't want to go with either. But every place else will need A PLAN ... and I'm not up to that.

Jane said...

Way more expensive, because we had to go with higher-end cabinets to fit our space. Since the local cabinets are custom-made, there isn't a premium on different sizes.

Susan said...

What makes a "high-end cabinet"? I would like real wood (as opposed to pressed wood) but I don't care if it's got all the fancy stuff about how the doors close, or framework stuff on the doors, or self-closing drawers.

Jane said...

Real wood. Better drawer rails, hinges, etc. Our current cabinets have cheaply-made drawers and rails, etc., and are awful.

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