Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Forty albums

So, one of my Facebook friends posted this earlier today, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I decided to take the time to jot these down now, partially because I want to look at other people's lists, without influencing mine.

"Here are the rules: List 12 albums that have stayed with you (okay, so I went with 40, ‘cause that’s just how I rock ‘n’ roll), but only one album per artist. Don't take too long, and don't think too hard. Tag ten friends to do the same thing, including me, so I can see what you put.
So, here are 40 albums that have stayed with me, more or less in order of preference:"
I decided to go with 40, and pretty much did it stream-of-consciouness, only editing when I would get repeat artists. (Really, limiting me to one RUSH album is insane cruelty.)
I was a little surprised at some of the things that popped into my head, but I think that all of these are albums that--if I were to listen to them right now--I would be able to sing along with every song. I laughed a bit as I saw my mom's music show up midway through, and my kids' music here and there.
But really, I need more RUSH.
1. RUSH     2112
2. Kansas     Point of Know Return
3. Styx       Paradise Theater 
4. Queen    The Game
5. Billy Joel     The Stranger
6. Journey      Evolution
7. Prince and the Revolution    Purple Rain
8. Lynyrd Skynyrd      One More From the Road
9. Beach Boys       Endless Summer
10. Evanescence    Fallen
11. Imagine Dragons   Night Visions
12. Lori Morgan   Something in Red
13. Meat Loaf    Bat Out of Hell
14. Bonnie Tyler   Faster than the Speed of Night
15. Bob Seger     Stranger in Town
16. Night Ranger   Midnight Madness
17.  Hootie and the Blowfish   Cracked Rear View
18. Supertramp   Breakfast in America
19. Survivor    Vital Signs
20. Boomtown Rats      Fine Art of Surfacing
21. Sugarhill Gang    Sugarhill Gang
22. REO Speedwagon   Hi Infidelity
23. Boston    Third Stage
24. Carpenters   A Song for You
25. Olivia Newton John     I Honestly Love You
26. Gordon Lightfoot       Sundown
27. Neil Diamond     Serenade
28. Eagles      Eagles
29. John Mellencamp   Uh-huh
30. Jewel    Spirit
31. Nik Kershaw     Human Racing
32. Ozzy Osbourne   Diary of a Madman
33. Bryan Adams     Cuts Like a Knife
34. Sting       The Dream of the Blue Turtles
35. U2      Joshua Tree
36. Amy Grant   Heart in Motion
37. Mister Mister   welcome to the Real World
38. Manfred Mann   Chance
39. Muse     The Resistance
40. Loverboy   Get Lucky