Friday, May 13, 2016

Hanging on

The photo above is of a couple of paragraphs from Unstuffed by Ruth Soukup. If you have trouble with clutter or organization, you may find her books helpful. I have. And her website is packed with money-saving ideas.

These paragraphs have been so helpful to me, and I keep returning to them to remind myself that getting rid of things isn't getting rid of my memories of the person who they belonged to. I am very sentimental, and getting rid of anything that belonged to either of my grandmothers is really hard for me, no matter how much I don't need it.

And things that remind me of my kids' childhoods. SO hard to part with. 

We have a rummage sale coming up at church, and being able to donate things is good motivation. And every time I get ready, out of sentiment, to hang onto something that I really don't want, I remind myself of these ideas.


Elephantschild said...

the Japanese gal who wrote the book whose title I can never remember makes a corny point about "saying goodbye" to items, and thanking them for their service to you. It's totally corny and slightly too hippie, and frankly, kind of creepy, but... it worked for me. Also her explanation that a gift from someone doesn't cease being a thoughtful sentiment from that friend even if the gift isn't something you like, want to keep, or find useful.

Susan said...

Don Aslett's book on clutter said something similar. He said the point to a gift is to show the person that you care, that you're thinking of them, that you want to give them joy. So if they give you a cute stuffed animal, you are free to enjoy it for as long as you might enjoy a bouquet of flowers or a pair of movie tickets.

I am trying to declutter the basement. Right now it's very hard for me. I'm feeling a lot of uncertainty about the future. And that gives me the Depression-era level of "but we might NEED that later!" If things seemed more sure and steady, I would feel okay about getting rid of encyclopedias and relying on the Internet. If I felt confident about being able to buy food at the store, I wouldn't feel as much need to hang onto emergency supplies (stocked pantry, seeds, meat grinder, grain grinder, tools for cooking over an open fire, etc). And there are so many other examples.

Jane said...

Yes to both of your comments.

Mom said...

Those paragraphs are helpful to me, Jane. You know how I am about getting rid of anything that was Grandma Beery's - and now your Wicked's. Oh, my. But I think what you posted will help. Thanks!

Love you.

Jane said...

I was planning to share this with you if you didn't see it, Mom. :D

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