Friday, June 20, 2008

My to-do list

This list is going to be an ongoing exercise. I don't have a deadline on these, but I want to do them before I die. When I accomplish an item it will change colors. If I change my mind, I will strike it through.

In no particular order, things I want to accomplish. (as of 6/19/2008) (Updated 11/25/2012)

1. Learn to make a souffle.
2. Visit England.
3. Swim a mile. (Not happening.)

4. Make a dress that looks good enough to wear. (Can I just pay someone?)
5. Learn Spanish.
6. Go to a Broadway show. (On Broadway.)
7. Sell another article.
8. Make my own tortillas.
9. Make noodles as good as Grandma's.
10. Get my scrapping stuff organized and out of my dining room.(It has its own room, but it still isn't organized.)
11. Find out who Sarah Serring was. (Progress.)
12. Move.
13. Paint my grandma's kitchen table and chairs.
14. Wash the windows.
15. Have six month emergency fund.
16. Ten pounds. Just ten pounds. (Try 27.)
17. Clean the master bedroom.
18. And paint it. (I still need to paint my new one!)
19. And paint the furniture.
20. And the master bath, while I'm at it.
21. And the kitchen cupboards.
22. And then the dining room. (New dining room.)
23. Reupholster the dining room chairs.
24. Make a perfect risotto.
25. Make money doing what I love.
26. Go back to Italy.
27. Learn to read German.
28. Have four rooms in my house that are they way I want them.
29.  Sell the box of stuff that I have for eBay.
30. Get everything off the front porch that doesn't belong.


Dakotapam said...

I love your list Jane. I notice washing windows is on the bottom. Seeing as it rained right after I washed mine, I no longer put washing them as a high priority!

Debi Sargent said...

Hey jane, my question is this, been a year now , any thing been done on the list? Do let us know the update!

Susan said...

Four and a half years gone. You can cross off "move" now. I understand that you've gotten quite good at risotto. And all the painting in the old house ain't gonna be done by you at this point...