Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shopping success

Since I have shared frutrations, woes, and angst in the past, I thought I'd share some shopping success.

I have more clothes from Chico's in my closet than any woman should have from one store. But the thing is, they fit me. So I shop there. A lot. I was trying to spend less money so I spent lots of time trying on dozens of pieces of clothing at a number of stores. All I did managed to do was waste a couple of days and get really worn out and frustrated.

So Thursday I went to Chicos. I tried on seven things and bought five of them. I also bought two more tops like one that I tried on. I found a black jacket and pants that are very flattering and will be the core of my fall and winter wardrobe. We also hit a fantastic sale at Von Maur and I found the lightweight white cardigan I'd been searching for all summer.

I think I'm pretty much set for this year. I resisted the temptation to branch into browns, because my wardrobe is pretty good because I've built it on black, khaki, and white, with some color thrown in. Adding in browns would mean adding shoes, too, and I don't want to get into that. I would still like to find a dress. I have skirts, but I'd love a pretty dress for winter.

You can be sure that when I go look, I'll tell you about it.


elephantschild said...

I went thru this with "unmentionables" a few years ago. Trying to save money, I tried other, cheaper brands.

All I ended up with was a huge pile of "unmentionables" that I couldn't return and which didn't fit properly!

I would've saved money had I just bought the more pricey, but higher quality and better-fitting "unmentionables" I had been buying all along.

Besides, Chicos has a signature look that weathers the swings of fashion a bit better than some of the other clothing lines out there, so you can feel good about that! I wish I could be a J. Jill women for the same reason. :)

Jane said...

Oh, yes. I don't even try to save money on unmentionables any more.

You hit on another of my favorite things about Chicos. I have pieces that are five and six years old that I still wear regularly that don't look unfashionable. Plus they've lasted that long. :)

I love J. Jill's clothes, although I've never tried any on, because there's never been one any place that I shop regularly.

Polly said...

Jane - you must come over here so we can have a shopping expedition. I'll take you to jjill and we'll go to that discount hell/heaven Gabriels, where yesterday I saw Chicos items. Liddy found a pair of Ralph Lauren chinos for $12.00.

Cheryl said...

I really like Chico's, too. Also Coldwater Creek, J. Jill, and Christopher & Banks. All four are available at the new Promenade shopping center a few miles from my house (across the street from Ikea). Anyone want to go shopping?

Jane said...

Oooooh.I'm smelling a mom field trip.

Cheryl said...

Just say when!

Totallyscrappy said...

Can I join this shopping trip? I'd forgotten about Christopher &
Banks... I always liked going in there.
I smiled at your reference to Von Maur. The first time we went there I knew we could only go there for a sale and I trucked right on through the store to the fountain area outside. My dh slowed me down and asked if I was going to look at anything. After a small tutorial he now understands that if there are wooden hangers and a piano player we will stick to the clearanc racks!