Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shopping frustrations

I'm trying to find a dress.

I don't need anything elaborate. It doesn't have to be especially cheap. I don't have strict requirements for color, style, etc.

I just want something that fits. I want a dress that is feminine and flattering, but not overly revealing. I have tried on several that were close. One almost worked. The neckline was too low, but I could have tacked a small piece of fabric into the vee. But the armholes were too large, too, so the sleeves were baggy.

I know that I should learn to sew. I'm working on it. But that doesn't get me a dress now.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a store or brand that is "curve friendly?" (But not plus-sized.)


Genuine Lustre said...

Jane - have you considered a jersey wrap dress? They look great on curves and you can wear a cami under if neck is too low. I've seem then everywhere from Target to Ann Taylor, etc.

Elephantschild said...

I had to go swimming suit shopping last night - so I feel your pain, but I don't have any helpful suggestions.

Meg_L said...

How dressy do you need?

I've always liked Northern Reflections's stuff -