Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So honored

Someone thinks I'm brillante. Cool. Especially since it's Meg, who is one smart cookie.

So now I need to pass this on to seven other bloggers. The only other rule is that I need to link back to the one who gave it to me.

This is going to be really, really hard. I have way more than seven that come to mind, so I'm going to pick the seven of those who I think are the most likely to actually do this themselves, and are not currently on vacation. This is probably going to be heavy on people who write well about theology, because that's my writing weakness, and they leave me in awe.

1. Susan's Pendulum Homeschool mom and my unschooling role model. I badgered Susan to start a blog for years. She did, and it's one of my favorites. Interesting. Often reflective. Eclectic. Smart. And yes, she writes well about theology.

2. Rebellious Pastor's Wife She is younger than me and has younger kids, but I often find myself looking up to her, because she's so darn wise. And yes, she writes well about theology.

3. Concordian Sisters These ladies are one of the newer additions to my blog addiction. They are proof that being mothers at home with young children doesn't mean they can't think. And when they write about theology, it's good.

4. Elephant's Child So young. So smart. So original.

5. thinking-out-loud Pastor Rick Stuckwisch is not only a top-notch theologian, but also a devoted husband and father of a lovely family. His blog is the most likely to make me cry.

6. A Round Unvarnish'd Tale Cheryl is another smart, talented homeschool mom who always has something interesting to say.

7. Principled Discovery My one blog from outside the Lutheran blogosphere. Dana's has become my favorite homeschooling blog. She gets it.

So there you have it. Brilliant bloggers.


elephantschild said...

Ummmm.. thank you.

And good heavens, people are going to think I go around with a sippy cup in one hand and a tattered blankie in the other! I'm not THAT young!

Cheryl said...

Yes, you are, EC, yes, you are! (Shall I wash that cup for you?)

I am flattered, Jane. Thanks for the kind words!

Now, to quote Pooh, "think, think, think . . ." (since you already named several of my top picks).

Rebekah said...

D'oh! We've all been in and out of vacation and I'm only now catching up on my reading. Thanks! :)

Dana said...

Hey, thanks! Sorry I completely missed this. I will may have something to blog about over the weekend, now. :) Thank you for the kind words.