Sunday, August 17, 2008

At what point does a baby get human rights?

There was no way I was going to watch Rick Warren talk to the presidential candidates last night instead of the Olympics. I have my priorities. Besides, one of the gifts of the internet is that you can always find a YouTube video.

I've seen several videos, and a few news reports, and haven't seen anything surprising. I'm still not enthusiastic, but my friend RPW has a video on her blog that shows why I'll likely vote for McCain.

(I love it when Obama says that question is above his pay grade. We certainly wouldn't want to promote him then!)


Michelle said...

Jane - you have an excellent point there! (about the pay grade) I LOVE it!

Amy said...

Like you, I was not interested in watching it, but my curiosity got the best of me. I was so glad that I did! I finally got a spark of hope in McCain - something I've never had before.

I wrote my thoughts in yesterday's blog post.

Dana said...

I thought that was an amusing comment, too. And I wonder who does make enough to decide that kind of decision, if not him if it is merely a matter of pay?