Monday, August 18, 2008

Running in circles

I am practically a blur right now.

Bethany and I head to Salt Lake City on Wednesday. She's already at my mom's, where I will join her tomorrow night. (Mom lives an hour and 15minutes closer to the airport, which is a big thing when you have an early flight!)

I have spent the last three years barely dabbling in my business. I've just begun to get serious about reviving it at the same time that I am trying to pack, get my nails done, and get the house in shape. Everything has to be done before my manicure tomorrow afternoon. After that there is no physical work.

Back to the house. I am leaving on Tuesday. The boys are leaving Friday. What do you think the house will look like when I come back Sunday? Are you betting on Patrick leaving it in good shape? Or will Andrew and chaos win the day? And what will the cats have done? Stand by....

My trusty Pinky is coming with me, so there will be reports from the road.


Polly said...

I'm betting Patrick will have things well in hand.

elephantschild said...

I vote for leaving the cats in charge.

You do have the sunscreen packed for Salt Lake City, right? My mom said she burned so easily out there. Higher elevation and all that. Or maybe it was the reflected glow off the Temple...

organistsandra said...

Hope you don't run into yourself coming around a corner.
Have fun!
We're at the annual Bethel faculty retreat. 2 1/2 days of meetings for Rob. 2 1/2 days of lounging for me. :-)