Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer food

We had some incredibly good sweet corn on Saturday. It was the best I've had in years. I'm going to run to the farm that it came from today and see if I can get some more to freeze.

I also discovered a new way to eat it. When the Aussies were here we rubbed our sweet corn with lime and cayenne pepper. it was good, but I missed the butter flavor. On Saturday I made chipotle lime butter for the corn. Oh. The smoky chipotle with the tart lime, creamy butter, and sweet corn was out of this world.

I had forgotten how excited little kids can get over a big piece of watermelon. And how sticky they get!

More zucchini. We've had it in cookies and bread. Numerous skillets of it sauteed, either on its own or with onions, or cheese, or garlic, or fresh basil, or some combination thereof. Zucchini cakes. On pasta. I haven't decided how we're eating it tonight. Probably sauteed again, because we love it that way and it's soooo easy.

We had our first plate of sliced tomatoes from our garden this weekend. We're about to be rich in tomatoes. So good.

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