Thursday, July 24, 2008

RUSH again

One of the highlights of last summer was a trip to see Rush at the Verizon Wireless Center north of Indianapolis.

If you don't really know me, and didn't follow that link, you are most likely thinking that I'm somehow going to see Mr. Limbaugh. Wrong Rush. Although, I do like that Rush, too.

Colin and I are longtime fans of this Rush:

Last year Bethany and Patrick went with us to the concert. This year Jonathan and Andrew are joining us, too. They all wanted to go badly enough to buy their own tickets. The concert was supposed to have been in June, but the storms out west required a bit of date swapping, so we got an extra month of anticipation.

It is a gorgeous day and the concert is at an outdoor amphitheater. It's my favorite concert venue. I just have to get my house at least a little bit cleaned up before we go, because we'll have company when we get home.


Meg_L said...

Have fun!

You'll have to tell me if it's any different from the last show. When it looked to be the same tour, we decided to pass this time.

Glenda said...

Have I told you how jealous my husband is right now?