Monday, July 28, 2008


Bethany and I cooked two new recipes tonight. They turned out very well.

The first was zucchini cakes. Thanks again Pioneer Woman! We have so much zucchini and the zuke cakes followed two loaves of zucchini bread today. Ours were a bit thinner than PW's, but they were yummy! We were thinking of the different ways they could be served. We are planning to try them next baked with marinara and cheese.

The other recipe was four cheese risotto. It wasn't the perfect risotto that I need to complete my list, but it was good. The cheeses in the recipe were gorgonzola, fontina, taleggio, and parmesan. (We used reggiano.) I think next time I'll use smaller amounts of one or two rich cheeses. As I was cooking it I was thinking of all of the wonderful things I could throw in a risotto. My one issue was that it took well over 30 minutes and a lot of extra liquid to get the rice not to be crunchy. Your feedback would be wonderful!

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