Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pirate Christian Radio, Issues, and podcasts

I am notoriously slow to figure out technical things. I blog on Blogger because it's easy. Istill have problems with the DVD player and DVR. I wanted an iPod for ages, but put off getting one because then I would have to figure out how to download music and load it.

I always listened to previous shows from the Issues, Etc. archive via audio stream from the website. This time, I figured that with all the work that went into getting Issues back on the air, the least I could do was figure out how to listen to it via iTunes or on my iPod.

It took me a few tries. I'm not sure if I could tell anyone how to do it. (In fact, I'm fairly certain I couldn't!) But I did it and it is sooo worth it. My next goal is to figure out the other shows available on PCR and start listening to those, too.

Now that I can have them on my iPod, I may have some more incentive to work out!


Michelle said...

I love listening to Issues episodes via iPod. I get more work done around the house that way!

I'm missing being able to re-load my iPod since I'm away from my own computer! Guess I'll get a lot of work done when I load up two week's worth of Issues!

Susan said...

I won't even let Maggie get an iPod because that means I'll have to figure it out.

Elephantschild said...

Chris Rosebrough's show "Fighting for the Faith" is pretty good, too.

I don't have an iPod, and there's not one on the horizon either. Which means that I've got to kind of plan my day around what I can do within earshot of on of the computers.