Sunday, July 27, 2008

A free weekend

I have a suddenly free weekend in August.

Since free weekends don't come around often, it's somewhat welcome. But it's also a disappointment, because I was supposed to be at my 25 year class reunion that weekend.

It's not even that I was all that excited about the reunion. I've come to feel pretty ambivalent about it, but I spent quite a bit of time working on it over the past year, and when it got to the deadline for reservations I had 13 paid reservations for a graduating class that ended up somewhere just shy of 400.

There are a couple of friends that I was hoping to see, and we may go ahead and meet up for dinner. Or maybe we'll keep the free weekend.


Melody said...

My class was notorious for showing up at the last minute. For our 10-year reunion, the party advertised was dinner, open bar, band... When only 125 (w/spouses) of 600 people had RSVP'd (I did!) the organizers were forced to downsize to hors d'ouerves, cash bar and DJ. The 400 people who showed up had nowhere to sit, the food ran out, no one liked the DJ and everyone really didn't like paying for drinks.
The whining...The complaining...And no one showed up--go figure--for the 20-year reunion.
What is it with people and RSVP's these days?

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Oh Jane, that's such a bummer. I understand what you mean about not being excited about it, but having put so much work into it, and then having it not work out.

But, enjoy your weekend whatever befalls.

Jane said...

I know we would have had a few crashers. I am slightly baffled by the lack of response, especially since the date has been out there since March.

At least now I don't have to pull together the rest of the details for the reunion!