Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Bethany is helping me with a couple of projects. This is one of the chairs from the dining room set my grandparents bought in the early 1950's. The fabric is very worn and the wood in the seats is cracking. So Colin cut new seats for me and Bethany and I are covering them.

In the garage: chair sans seat.
The supplies and the first almost-finished seat:
(Colin wasn't crazy about the fact that the new fabric doesn't match the dining room, meaning that the dining room needs to be painted.)

The other project is larger and will likely stretch into August. Our kitchen cupboards were okay until they started to peel. Yep, peel. They are kind of a strange veneer and wood combination. (And I've hated the black handles since we bought the house!)

But I am too frugal to just trash perfectly good thirteen-year-old cabinets, so I am painting them.Right now I have two doors off and am priming them. The painting is the next step, but since the days are all tied up through the weekend, I probably won't get back to them until Monday, after VBS.

This is the door primed. I think that I already like it better! The paint is a rich creamy white. I can't wait to see what it looks like!


Cheryl said...

Wow--I'm impressed. Do you want to come to Chicago for a weekend? I've got six dining room chairs that look way worse than your "before" photo.

Jane said...

I would have left the chairs if the seats hadn't started giving way when guests sat on them. :) I loved the original fabric!

Adriane said...

Martha would be very proud!! :)