Sunday, July 06, 2008

What a weekend!

The time around July fourth is always a big deal for our family. We have attended the Indianapolis Symphony concert at Conner Prairie Farm every year except one for 22 years. My mom always brings her excellent fried chicken and we have a variety of other goodies like cheese, red peppers, bing cherries....This year was a bit different than usual, because my brother and the girls weren't with us. We hope they won't make that mistake again!

The fireworks were incredible and so was the chicken!

On Saturday we drove about 60 miles west to Colin's parents' house. His brother Sean is here visiting from Australia with his wife Anne. We had a nice day with them and with Colin's sister and her adorable children, including my newest nephew, Caleb. It is always such a treat to see Sean and Anne, and we never get enough time.

Today after church Patrick and I ran back over there to pick up Bethany, who stayed last night to get in some extra visiting. We had a lovely drive back through the country, smelling clover and spying calves, sunflowers, sheep, and horses.

Tomorrow VBS starts.

UPDATE: Do to the threat in my comments I have replaced the chicken-eating picture of the laundry elf with one of his little brother.


Anonymous said...

You appall me! I thought you had destroyed that picture. I never keep any such pictures of you that I should chance to take.

...I think I'm going to be drying your cotton shirts in the ole' intelli-dryer until that heinous offense to my dignity disappears.

Bethany said...

It looks like an accurate representation to me....

Jane said...

It was accurate, but I cannot afford to replace my BR shirts that I got on sale. :)

Clangore said...

Ah, I do LLOOOOVVVEEE Fried Chicken! :)

Marie N. said...

Looks like fun!

I wish you a successful VBS.