Monday, August 27, 2007

Rush still rocks

Months ago Colin and I decided to buy tickets to see my all-time favorite band, Rush, at the Verizon Wireless Center north of Indianapolis. It was a very good decision.

We had seen Rush three times in the '80's, so we were interested to see how the concerts and the band had changed. The biggest change we saw was the audience. No longer mostly teens and twenty-somethings--although still predominantly male--the audience ranged from late middle-aged to little kids. There were old hippies, many-pierced teens, and LOTS of middle-class-looking forty-somethings like us.

The band has, if anything, gotten better. Geddy Lee has amazing energy and showmanship and his voice has mellowed just right. Alex Lifeson is still tremendous on the guitar. And Neil Peart is still the most incredible drummer I've ever seen. They played from 7:40-11:00 with one 15 minute intermission, and of course we stood the whole time! From the opening notes of Limelight to the ending notes of Tom Sawyer and through the encore, the energy level was just incredible.

Bethany and Patrick went with us and really enjoyed the concert. Having seen Rush live adds another dimension to listening to their music and Patrick and I were discussing different aspects of their songs this morning.

This was one of the high points--and the end note--to what has been a really great summer.


Meg_L said...

okay, sometime we need to compare notes before we go somewhere.

It was Hubby and my anniversary yesterday and for it we were also at the concert. I have to agree, Rush rocks!

Glenda said...

my husband will be so jealous. Rush is one of his, favorite bands. Glad you had a great time!

Meg_L said...

We were in section H, row L. We got there right at 7:30 and didn't do much wandering around. You?