Saturday, August 04, 2007

And please take off that stupid cap!

Still in curmudgeon mode:

I love to see men in hats. Real hats. Baseball caps are not hats. Baseball caps belong on boys. The only men who should be wearing baseball caps are those playing the game.

I was never annoyed by the ubiquitous billed caps until I started noticing a trend. Guys who wear them don't realize that they aren't supposed to leave them on inside. I have noticed that men who wear real hats tend to be very polite. They remove them inside. They remove them in the presence of a lady. Some of them even doff them. Unfortunately, the same cannot often be said of the overgrown boys who wear baseball caps. I know a very proper young lady who met a guy for coffee. He never took off his cap. Even if he had been fantastic in every other way, he wouldn't have had a chance.

I can understand why the guy doesn't want to take his cap off walking through Walmart or Gander Mountain. I'll cut him some slack. But when he's sitting in a restaurant--white tablecloth, cloth napkins, wine list--he needs to take it off. He also needs to wear a shirt with arms. Please.

ADDENDUM: Yes, many of the men I love wear baseball caps. My favorite bald guy often wears a baseball cap. My wonderful brother wears a baseball cap. That doesn't mean that I have to like it. And if they ever displayed poor hat etiquette, I would probably confiscate the hats. (My favorite bald guy is making a transition to real hats. He looks so incredible in his winter dress hat with his suit and overcoat on!)


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I hate the current trend by boys and girls to wear a baseball cap inside out. It just looks stupid.

I think a baseball cap is fine for shielding your eyes from the sun at someplace like, say, a baseball game, even if you aren't playing.

Jane said...

I haven't seen the inside out hat. That *would* look stupid!

A baseball cap can shield your eyes, or, if you're like my hubby, prevent sunburn during outdoor activities. ) I think there are often more attractive options, but I don't hate baseball caps on those occasions like I do when I'm eating dinner in a nice restaurant.

Barbara Frank said...

I don't have anything against baseball caps, but a nice traditional hat can make me go weak in the knees, when worn by my dh with a well-tailored suit :)

Jane said...

Yep. If men knew how fantastic they look in a suit and nice hat we'd see a lot more of them!

Unknown said...

One advantage of being in Texas - as many (if not more) traditional hats, especially cowboy hats, as there are baseball caps. And of course you tip (or doff) your hat - its just the polite thing to do.

Hanley Family said...

That's cuz they are hiding the fact that they haven't washed or combed their hair recently.

You might prefer to keep them on, actually.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe your opinion about someone's outer appearance should be a little less judgemental. I don't know... just a thought. Maybe that guy who met your friend for coffee just wanted to keep it a casual thing and thought nothing of it. Ya never know.