Saturday, August 04, 2007

Have some dignity

This post is going to sound rather curmudgeonly, but I am sick of seeing flesh everywhere I go. Way too much flesh. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?

Last week my friend Polly sent me a link to this site about shorts. Last night Bethany and I kept seeing women who needed to see this site. Or a mirror. Seriously.

I don't wear shorts unless I'm playing tennis or--maybe--working outside. I am also one of those people who is always hot. I am living, breathing, walking, shopping, dining-out proof that a woman can dress comfortably in the summer without wearing shorts. I wish more of them would try it!

I don't have anything against shorts. Really. Slender young women with toned legs should definitely wear shorts if they want to. Fat fifty year olds should not, especially not short shorts with a tank top to the restaurant where I am paying over $20 a person for dinner. (Such a woman also should not eat her salad with her fork and the fingers of her other hand while chewing with her mouth open, but I digress.)

I also don't have anything against legs. But I do have something against fat thighs making shorts ride up until everyone can see way more of those legs--and other things-- than they ever wanted to.

There are several other posts coming on this topic and others related.

ADDENDUM: I do realize that there are some times and places for shorts: parks, beaches, amusement parks, etc. I don't even care if people want to wear them to the grocery store. Or the mall. Or Steak and Shake. Seeing women in nice shorts that come to somewhere between mid-thigh and above the knee is fine. But with very very few exceptions shorts don't belong in nice restaurants. And most women should never, ever wear shorts that hit higher than mid-thigh.


Kim said...

One of the things I noticed about the site you linked to was that all the pictures of people come from Disneyland. I personally think it's a bit much to say people should wear skirts and sandals to a place where you walk for hours on end and are made to sit in unnatural positions on rides. I'd rather see unattractive shorts than people's underwear when they are getting on and off the rides.

I'm one of those people who always wears shorts. They are cheap and comfy and I have yet to find anything else that fits my lifestyle in my price range (I'm very hard on clothes). I do agree that many people need to have a little more taste when dressing themselves. Longer shorts that don't show every curve and the person's underwear would be nice. But at the same time I have no idea what their situation is, maybe they can't afford a mirror :)

Jane said...

But I know you Kim, and I've seen you in shorts, and you aren't one of those people. :) And I bet that if circumstances were such that you were eating in a nice, white-tablecloth restaurant you wouldn't wear shorts and a tanktop. :)

I wear cropped pants a lot. The ones that I wear most of the time are lightweight cotton and were less than $10 on clearance at Kohl's. They don't have the most flattering cut. I have others that are much cuter, but as an alternative to shorts, they work

Cheryl said...

Oh dear, Jane, I'm wondering what you would think about the fact that I wore shorts to church last night! (But I have an excuse--I was at church all day long entertaining a bunch of Loopers and the last thing I wanted to make time to do was change clothes.)

I wear shorts all summer long. But wearing them to church last night was the exception, and I would not wear them to a nice restaurant. And I so totally agree with your comments about too much skin these days. I'm not a heavy person but I don't want anyone seeing my bare stomach--what makes other people think I want to see theirs? And what's the deal with everyone showing their bra straps these days?

I have never figured out why the majority of the population seems so ready to follow whatever fashion trend is popular at any given moment. My guiding mottos have always been "is it comfortable?" and "does it make me look fat?" I need a yes on the first point and a no on the second before I'll consider wearing it.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I'm smart enough to know better than to enter this discussion of women's fashions (though I do agree with you that it would be a good thing for women in general to show less of themselves in public).

Mainly what I wanted to say, though, is that you ought to go into curmudgeon mode more often. What a great sense of wit! Thanks for giving me a smile with these two posts (on shorts and caps).