Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm back

I hadn't planned on an extended absence, but I left town last Tuesday, expecting to have internet access. When I arrived at my destination, I discovered that my hotel had access, but that it would cost me $14.95 a day, on top of the pricey room and the $22 a day parking.

Nope. That $14.95 could buy some really yummy food for dinner.


Marie N. said...

I don't blame you one bit.

Welcome home!

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Sorry I didn't get to share the evening with your family the other night, as previously planned. I was really looking forward to it, actually, but it just made sense for me to head back home to my own family in South Bend. That meant another chapter of Harry Potter for my younger children, who have had to exercise a great deal of patience in that regard over the past several weeks. Anyway, I'll be pleased for the next chance to visit with you and yours, whenever it arises.