Friday, August 08, 2008

Shopping angst

I have always enjoyed shopping, especially when I get to shop with Bethany, my mom, or my sister-in-law Kim. But more and more shopping feels like a chore. Yesterday Bethany and I went shopping with things we needed to buy and money with which to buy them, but we left nearly empty-handed.

We just didn't see much we liked. We saw the same colors in every store. We saw lots of cuts that would be only marginally flattering on a tall, thin, broad shouldered model, never mind on a normal person. You know that when Bethany has a hard time finding things that look cute on her there's a major problem!

I did find a really nice pair of classic trouser-cut black pants at Gap. I may look like I'm wearing a uniform this fall if I don't find any new tops to supplement my three white and one pink Banana Republic blouses! (But at least I have those!)

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Cate said...

Ah, that's all I feel like I ever wear (jeans or solid bottoms with a solid color t-shirt). It sure makes dressing easy!