Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden update

It's looking like a garden! We're now trying to figure out how to keep the bunnies away.


Anonymous said...


It looks nice!

I've had some luck using blood meal to keep bunnies away. I sprinkle about 1 cup for every 5 sq. ft. It may not take that much but that's what I've used with success. Sprinkle it with water afterward. (Reapply as needed.) It doesn't smell very good, but I get to eat my food instead of sharing it with the local wildlife!

Elephantschild said...

Plastic grocery bags on sticks, mothballs. Mothballs worked best for me.

Somewhere online I saw powdered fox urine.

No, really.

RPW said...

Very cool...

Mike Kole said...

After losing last year's entire lettuce and snap pea crop, I am not messing around this year. I built an elevated garden and STILL fenced with chicken wire.

A buddy once acquired tiger droppings from the Cleveland Zoo to keep the deer away. It worked! Any scent related to a predatory animal works, even if it isn't native to the area.

Oh, the zany world of gardening!