Sunday, June 15, 2008

The huntress

The brown cat is meowing at me. She wants out. She wants to go hunt down the robins that are raising a ruckus on the patio.

She doesn't understand why she can't. Just. Go. Out.

She can't because Mrs. Robin appears to have been injured in the storm we had tonight. First she and Mr. Robin were having normal conversation, but as he became aware of her plight their calls sounded more and more frantic.

It would be nice if she manages to fly away, but I have my doubts. I just hope she doesn't die in my yard. Patrick is my designated critter burier and he's gone for 12 days.

Update: Now she's meowing at Andrew. I guess she thinks he's the weaker link.


Susan said...

So what's stopping Cally? Do you have metal screens now? I just assumed the reason she no longer rips screens to shreds was that she is allowed in and out, and that she could make her own way out if she needed to. (Athena doesn't realize yet that several of the screens in the new house are nylon, and she could make her own entryway into the house.)

Jane said...

For some reason she only scratches through the screens on the doors. (Although she did scratch her way in through a window screen once.)

We finally gave in and let her out. There was no way she was letting anyone sleep!