Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life gets in the way

This is the phrase that sums up my life.

I feel like I never get half of what I want to do done, because I'm always busy doing something else. Sometimes the things I'm doing are urgent and necessary things like car repairs, laundry, grocery trips and cooking meals. Other times they are things that are good to do like volunteer work or cleaning windows. Not necessary, but good. Once in a while they are even things that I want to do like meeting a couple of friends for lunch or writing on my blog.

But it doesn't matter what I'm doing, there are always 50 other things that I should or would like to be doing and at the end of the day I never feel like I've accomplished enough and there are things left undone.

My friend Susan blogged about this general thing a day or two ago, so I know I'm not alone. And apparently even Glenda, who always strikes me as being very together, worries about whether she's accomplishing anything. (It's even the title of her blog!)

I'm considering trying Reb. Mary's idea for a few days. I don't have the new baby excuse, but I do share her list problem!


Presbytera said...

A mother's work is never done.... It's a truism because it's true!

Try making a list at the end of the day of all the things you DID accomplish and you will be amazed.

Another helpful technique is to put the items from today's list at the TOP of tomorrow's list.

Can you tell that I've spent time thinking and living "life gets in the way"?

Susan said...

Amen, Jane.

And I was talking to one of my pastor buddies today, a guy I haven't seen in far too long, and he was saying the exact same thing!