Friday, February 01, 2008

Politics, again

I'm having a really hard time even thinking about voting this fall.

I've voted in every election I've been eligible to vote in, either in person or via absentee ballot. I've volunteered for campaigns. I work each election in a polling place where the vast majority of voters are Democrats and I help insure that each person is able to vote. I've always felt like the process was important.

This year it's all seeming pointless.

We are going to end up with a president who is a liberal. That is almost certain. It doesn't matter if they bear a D or an R. They will continue expand the scope of the federal government. (Now they're investigating the New England Patriots. Don't get me wrong, I despise the Patriots as much as the next Colts fan. But come on!) [HT: Schreiber] They will continue to advance the nanny state. And no matter who wins they will continue to ignore that dusty old constitution.

Today I watched Ann Coulter say that if McCain is the nominee, she will campaign for Hillary.
I won't go that far, but I do think if it is McCain or the Dem, I'd rather see them Dem win. Then at least it will be their fault.

And maybe--just maybe--the Republicans in congress would find their collective missing spines--or principles--if they are faced with a president named Hillary or Barack.

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Nat said...

I think you already know of my blog, but... that is my two cents on the subject.