Thursday, February 07, 2008

Get fired up

For all of us who are feeling gloomy about the choices we are going to have for president, Michelle Malkin has this advice: Get fired up.


Anonymous said...

I have been less than excited about any of the (R) candidates this year. Now that Romney is out, it looks like McCain is in. Blech. Gloomy, indeed.

Good article, thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

Amen! I voted for McCain, but he was not my first choice and I am the first to admit it was a vote based on pragmatism, not on principle. I agree that now is the time to pull out all the stops for conservative candidates up and down the ballot. Rush was saying the very same thing on his show today.

Cheryl said...

I wrote that McCain was not my first choice, but that is a little misleading, because truth be told, I never had a first choice. What a depressing primary season it has been.

Jane said...

Living in Indiana, it doesn't really matter if I had a first choice or not. :(

Today one of my favorite senators endorsed McCain with reservations. That's kind of where I am.