Monday, February 11, 2008

Attempted bread

So, I'm home fighting a little bit of a bug. We were out of bread so I had one of the boys get out my bread machine. I put the ingredients in, as I have done many times before, but, as happened the last time, it didn't rise.

It was different yeast this time, and it was new.

The water was the right temperature.

All of the necessary ingredients were present.

I got out one of my books that has a lot of information about baking bread. One of the things it mentioned was that sometimes city water has too much chlorine, which kills the yeast. All kinds of bells started going off in my head. I haven't made a successful loaf of bread since we moved here. I had begun to think that I was just doing something wrong, but this could be an explanation. We have horrible water. Sometimes it even has a perceptible smell of chlorine. Our previous house had well water, as did the house before the one before that, where I did quite a bit of bread making.

So I called the hubby and asked him to stop on the way home. Along with some bread for tomorrow's pb&j's, I had him get some spring water.

We'll see if that makes a difference.


Hendsmaster Of Pekanbaru said...
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Marie N. said...

I bet it will make a big difference! To avoid buying spring water in the future you could pour a large pitcher of tap water and let it sit for a few days, allowing the chlorine to evaporate. This is what I am doing now as we have not re-installed our water filter yet after replacing the kitchen sink.