Friday, February 01, 2008

I want more snow!!

I know that this probably sounds strange to many of you, but I wish we'd gotten a bit more snow. It's nice; it's pretty, but I would love a little more. Like this:


Meg_L said...

Me too!

I really didn't want 9 inches, but I would have been really happy with 6.

At least we had enough to go sledding once this year.

ghp said...

I agree!

Nobody else in my house would want more, but I do. I much prefer the dry cold that allows snow to stay around, and hate it when it warms up enough for things to get all slushy.

January here in NW IN has been manic, weather-wise, with huge temp swings, way too much rain & lots of melt-off induced flooding.

Gimme cold & gimme snow!