Monday, July 23, 2007


We have pickles! Today I pickled two quarts and four pints of bread and butter pickles using my grandma's recipe and her jars. The cucumbers are from my garden.

I'm pretty excited. I watched people can when I was a girl, but I've never done it before. Now I have 8 jars of my own blueberry preserves, (I gave three away,) four jars of freezer preserves, and my lovely pickles.

My cucumbers are going crazy, so I'll be doing more pickles later this week. Tomorrow after I get my haircut and do a mystery shop we have class, so I won't get anything done tomorrow, but Wednesday has to be beets.

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elephantschild said...

That's a great photo, Jane. Those pickles look really good! Wish I could trade a jar for some sweet corn, of which I have more than we can eat right now!