Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We went blueberry picking today with RPW, HH, and another friend who--gasp!--has no blog. I have never been before and, although I love blueberries, was feeling a little ambivalent about actually leaving my house this morning.

It was well worth leaving the house and the 40 minute drive. It was a gorgeous morning. I finally have enough sun that the freckles on my nose are starting to show. We picked 23.7 pounds of blueberries. Tonight the first eight cups made their way into a cobbler. (More about that cobbler tomorrow.) Most will be frozen, although the eating just as they are commenced as soon as we got them home. I'm also going to attempt blueberry preserves.

Tonight was a true summer supper: our zucchini baked with a little olive oil, salt & pepper and cheese; fresh sweet corn from the farm, and blueberry cobbler.

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Marie N. said...

mmmm. I love stuffed baked zucchini.