Sunday, July 22, 2007

Personal Style

I was tagged for this meme, about one of my favorite topics, by Not Worthy.

Personal Style Quiz

Rules: You have to choose one of the two. You cannot answer "neither" or "both." You can indicate that you like both or neither, but you must state a preference.

Animal fiber or plant? Plants all the way, with the exception of leather on my feet. (I'm allergic to wool.)

Natural or synthetic? Natural

Ornate or simple? Simple

Color or Neutral? What is black? I think that's neutral.

Pastel or Vibrant? Umm--this depends on my mood, really! Mostly pastel, I think.

Blue/Green or Red/Orange? Blue/Green

White Gold or Yellow Gold? White Gold

Gems or texture? I like sparkle, but most of mine comes from silver. I think I'm more texture.

Watch or no-watch? Watch

Comfort or fashion? Another hard one....I love fashion, but comfort usually wins in the end.

Trendy or classic? Classic

Cables or lace? Both add bulk. But I love my one cotton cable knit fisherman's sweater. And I loved cable knit knee socks. :)

Heels or flats? Heels

Flip-flops or sandals? Sandals--flip flops make most people shuffle.

Skirts or pants? It used to be pants, but its more and more skirts for me. (Have you ever noticed that as women age skirts are much more flattering than pants?)

Geometric or floral? floral

V-neck or turtle-neck? V-necks are my friends.

Skulls or butterflies? Butterflies

Loose or snug? Loose.

Long hair or short? On the shortish side. I wish I could do long, but my hair doesn't.

Headbands or barrettes? Headbands

Shoulder bag or handbag? Shoulder bag!

Now I get to tag some people. Three people immediately came to mind: Bethany, Favorite Apron, and Hoffman Homemaker.

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