Monday, July 16, 2007

No jury duty

I have been, in some strange way, looking forward to reporting for jury duty tomorrow morning. This evening I found out that I don't have to report after all. I was, at the same time, relieved and disappointed. I was relieved that I don't have to give up a day or more of my time, but I was disappointed that I don't get the chance to experience this particular slice of American life.

I managed to get my office and my desk cleaned and my bills paid while listening to the streaming video of the synodical convention. Tomorrow I think I'll clean my room, go through a couple of closets, and catch up on a couple of projects at my desk while I listen. I'm finding it fascinating, although not necessarily in a good way.


Presbytera said...

I once was called to jury duty and was very excited. We started in a room all together. One of the women in charge gave us a little speech about our civic duty which had my eyes tearing. I was really looking forward to serving. Nothing happened that day other than I got a lot of reading done. The next day I was selected to be on a jury and we were paraded past the defendant and into a jury deliberating room. I guess that was sobering enough for the defendant and he made a plea bargain. I went home and was $15 richer for my trouble. That was 25 years ago and I have never been called again.

Michelle Constantinescu said...

I'm weird that way too - I always wanted to do jury duty. My mom has been called up three or four times! Can you imagine? The last time, the judge told her to go buy a lottery ticket.

I've missed your blog! I lost the link in an old bookmarking list and just now came across it. I'll be sure not to lose it this time.