Monday, June 26, 2006

Still limping along

I limped my way through a busy and exciting weekend.

We have found a house that we are very interested in buying. Unfortunately ours is not ready for the market, so we are working really fast to get it ready. One good thing is that the house needs lots of work, so maybe it will not sell too quickly. (This isn't a great picture. It is much nicer looking in person.)

Unfortunately, I am not very useful in the clean-up department right now. Lots of directing, but not much action. It hurts a bit to walk, but it really hurts to bend over.

Saturday night we went down to Greek Fest. It was quite enjoyable, but there was a big disappointment. We didn't arrive until almost 8:00 p.m. on the last night and they were all out of octopus, which Andrew looks forward to all year. He had to make do with spanakopita, a gyro, and dolmades.

We returned home to a phone message from our favorite former pastor's family saying that they were going to be on their way through on Sunday, would we be home? Fortunately, they managed to hit our only free weekend all summer. It was so great to visit with them! We had burgers on the grill and sat around and talked until well into the evening.

Today it's back to work all the way around. We're working on the house. Colin's at work and I'm trying to balance my desire to get the house ready with my need to generate more income. It's always a challenge when I'm my own boss to keep pushing forward, because I am not highly money-motivated.

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Genuine Lustre said...

Dear Gimpy,
So what did you find out exactly is wrong with your hip?
Love from your friend,
Nadia Comanechi