Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogging Chicks

I discovered the Blogging Chicks on a visit to my friend Jen's site. I found some amusing blogs among them and kept reading. I've decided that since I'm a "chick" and I blog, I'm a natural to join them. I've just added the blogroll to my sidebar.

As with almost any blogroll, I'm sure not to agree with everyone on every blog, so don't take my membership as endorsement of everything they all say. (Which wouldn't even be possible since this is a diverse bunch of women!)


Caryn said...

Nice disclaimer, and welcome to BloggerChicks! I just joined a few weeks ago. I never have enough surfing time to stop by everyone's site, but I just had to because I love your blog title.

michele said...

Jane, welcome to the blogroll! And this is a very diverse group so it's good to warn your readers. f

Caryn, wrong blogroll :-).

Jana said...

Hi, from another Chick!

no_average_girl said...

here from blogging chicks! Just wanted to say welcome to the group! :-) I've still got to write a post introducing my readers to blogging chicks! LOL

Many blessings!

owlhaven said...

Hi from a fellow blogging chick!

Mary, mom to many