Friday, June 09, 2006

Back to the blog

I have been away from the blogosphere for the past few days, both the writing and the reading. There are three things that I've been doing instead during my potential blog-visiting time:
  • The weather has been wonderful and I've done a lot of yard work. (I now have a tan!)
  • My daughter is home after a month's absence.
  • I've been reading lots of books.
Usually I have a fiction book going plus a non-fiction book or two that I read a little at a time, but I have had a sudden influx of books that I had on hold at the library--I hate it when they all come at once--plus several recommended reads.

As I mentioned before I read The Marketing of Evil. I have friends and relatives who I wish would read this book, but I know they won't. Deaconess Emily Carder posted a review at Luther Library that made me go get Women Who Make the World Worse. I'm reading this a little at a time, and really enjoying it. Again, I would love for many of my friends and relatives to read this book and to really take a good look at the underpinnings of feminism and what it has done and is still trying to do to society.

I'm also reading Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher. It's an interesting read. I find myself torn as I read his book because I value many of the same things that he does. I prefer to buy locally when possible and eat organic food & free-range meats. I'm a conservationist and a homeschooler. I despise Wal-Mart. I'm serious about my faith.

But I also find many flaws in his ideas from an economic point of view. He's something of a utopian thinker. Utopians are good on theory but weak on implementation and practicality. He has a much more negative view of business and the free market than I do and is in favor of more government where it supports the things he likes. I'm pretty much always in favor of less government.

It's an interesting book.

I'm also reading Refuse to Choose which is a book for people like me. We'll see if it helps. :)

Between all of these, the fiction books that all came piling in at once, and my must-read magazines (Touchstone, National Review, and Simple Scrapbooks) that all showed up within a day or two of each other, blogs have been slighted.

But I'm sure that before long I'll be back to my old blog habits.


Lisa said...

hmm that Refuse to Choose book sounds like something i need to read too!

Presbytera said...

Good to see you back in the blog saddle, so to speak. I just got my copies of Crunchy Con and Marketing of Evil. Now if my newly acquired skill of knitting doesn't take over my life, I will get some reading done.

Favorite Apron said...

Jane - what's Refuse to Choose? And who are people like you?

~Jennifer said...

Yeah, write more about Refuse to Choose. Since you and I are so alike, I'm thinking I might want to read it too.