Friday, June 23, 2006

Cool nutrition website

A friends on one of my email lists sent the link to this site and I've just spent about an hour playing with it. It has nutrition facts for all kinds of food in a searchable database. It has a tool that you can use to analyze your recipes. Like any other nutritional/diet site I'll take some of te advice with a grain or two of salt, but it is really cool to be able to do the nutritional anaysis.

It also had a plug-in for my Firefox
. (If you aren't using Firefox you're missing out!)


Favorite Apron said...

Jane - have you ever tried It's free, and gives you charts and graphs of what nutrients you got day, what you took in , what you burned off, etc.

Jane said...

oooh--looks interesting! I'll have to check it out later when I have a bit more time.

Marie N. said...

Hope you're feeling a bit better today!