Friday, May 19, 2006

This won't mean anything if you aren't a fan...

The Seafood Unwrap is back!

Tonight after our dance lesson--45 minutes of tango and West Coast Swing--my husband and I went to our favorite Friday night spot, Mad Anthony Brewing Co. I had a wonderful, smooth, tasty maibock and Colin had his favorite Irish Stout.

The big excitement of the night for me was the new menu, which brought back a couple of old favorites, notably the seafood unwraps, which we have been sure to ask about each and every time that we've eaten there since they got rid of them. So guess what I had for dinner tonight. : )


Jacqui said...

How did the west coast swing go for you guys? Isn't it fun? We learned a bit more tango at our last lesson. Glad you're enjoying it and glad you got your seafood unwrap (although it doesn't sound like something I would like ;-)

Jane said...

The west coast swing is going to take some work. :)