Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bush Lied and other urban legends

One thing that has frustrated me greatly over the last couple of years is the repetition of the "Bush lied" mantra of the left. It reminds me of the demonstrably false playground taunting of a boy in my grade school class, "Chris is a girl! Chris is a girl!" Except in the case of Chris, no one really believed it, no matter how many times it was repeated. Unfortunately, the continual repetition of "Bush lied, " often by those who undeniably know that they speak falsely, has managed to convince not only the far-left loonies, but also many other otherwise reasonable people.

Much of the media has been complicit in this continued rewriting of history, that's why it's always refreshing to see an article like this one in the Wall Street Journal.

I'm not a supporter of many of the things that President Bush has done. I'm far too Libertarian and far too conservative to be pleased by many of his actions. In an ideal world I would prefer an isolationist foreign policy, but being realistic, I know that we are not likely to ever go there. But whether I agree with all of his actions or not, I really makes me angry when I hear the likes of Ted Kennedy calling Bush a liar for stating things that Kennedy himself believed to be true at the time.

It does our society no good to have lies perpetuated by either side. Much of what passes for political speech today sounds far too much like school-yard taunting, and revisionist history puts us in danger now and in the future.

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Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

That's a great article and just what I need for debating with Democrat teachers. Thanks!

-Aaron the Bushite