Monday, May 01, 2006

Promising Youth

There is an excellent article in this month's Touchstone Magazine that our pastor made sure I noticed. Fortunately it's online, so you can read it, too. (Go read it!) He drew my attention to it because the girl in the article--called Promise by the author--reminded him of some girls we know.

I'm pleased to say that my daughter is one of these girls. As I read the article I was amazed by the parallels between the girl in the story and our Bethany. We didn't start out intentionally raising her to be a "Promise." In fact, little about our parenting was intentional early on! But because I had been blessed by attending a Lutheran school for part of my childhood, we sent her to a Lutheran School. Then when that wasn't working out well we began homeschooling "temporarily" out of desperation and I became a stay-at-home mom. In time she became part of an amazing network of friends that she met via a Lutheran homeschool email list that I'm on and through Higher Things. Through these same connections we know lots of teens who give us reason to be hopeful.

We're trying to raise our sons to be the male counterpart of girls like Promise. Our 15 year old is well on his way. Ten & 13 are works in progress. :)


Marie N. said...

wow! That was a great article. Thanks for posting. I emailed copies to some folks who would be interested as well.
I read Bloom's Closing of the American Mind for a philosophy class in college. My prof was baffled by me selection, but I got a good grade so I guess he was fair at least.

Pr. E. R. Fickel said...

There is beautiful music in the world, most of it classical, and there is music that debases the soul.

Yes; and most of the latter can be heard Tuesday and Wendesday evenings on the Fox Network. Taylor may be the exception, giving a glimpse of the former.


Jane said...

Yep, this is one good indication that I am NOT like these kids. I like my rock. I'm trying to raise kids who are an improvement over their mother.

However, I also love much classical music, so I'm not a total lost cause. :)