Monday, March 03, 2008

Back home again

It is good to be home. It will be even better when the weather warm up a bit more.

My family got along fine while I was gone. They even did some cleaning. But I think they missed me almost as much as I missed them.

A get away is a good thing. This is the first break that I've had in almost four years aside from a couple of scrapbooking weekends. It was so nice not to have to worry about schedules, bills (mine or the church's), returning phone calls, cleaning, cooking, buying groceries, etc., for a few days. And the fact that some sunshine and seafood were thrown in was a bonus!

Now I'm home and about three weeks behind on life after being sick and then being gone. But it's okay. I can--mostly--catch up.

My BIG goal for this week is to see my new nephew! He was born just as I started getting sick and I am anxious to see Caleb and his mommy.

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