Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm glad I'll be out of town

The Clintons just can't stay away from Ft. Wayne.

First Bill came to visit and now it's Hil's turn. Her choice of location strikes me as strange, and will doubtless cause some nice congestion in an already very busy commercial area with a convoluted traffic pattern, especially coming as it does on Friday evening.

I am thankful that I'll be safely out of town before her arrival.


RPW said...

Yeah, I noticed that was right down the street from your house. I'd been driving about town when Bill came to town and they'd been talking about how busy things were at the Grand Wayne Center and how they had to open up a room and how the traffic was so bad. At that moment, I was driving by the Grand Wayne Center, going speed limit, and there were only 5 cars on that block and NO lines coming out the building. Later I read Uvalupie saying that everyone failed to mention that the whole town hall meeting was in a smaller room...not the main convention room. They did have a tent up though, and a big black van at the entrance to the parking lot with dark tinted windows and two secret service agents standing next to the van at attention.

I thought that Sara's Restaurant was an interesting venue as well for Hillary's appearance. Well ya know, it is a "Family Restaurant."

The radio station that I was listening to tonight said that it was going to be so busy, and they were actively begging Hillary to stop by the station. When they called the restaurant however, the hostess said "no, no lines, people are just coming in and eating dinner."

What a hoot.

Jane said...

You and I must have been driving by the Grand Wayne Center about the same time that evening. :) All I saw were pro-life protestors and a few Ron Paul supporters. :)

Meg_L said...

She also came to a small restaurant here. They ended up with about 1000 people outside (according to the paper). In our little town that's a fair number.