Monday, March 10, 2008

Pushing through

I have spent the past three days making myself move forward, push through, go and do, whatever you want to call it. Saturday was a clean up day at church and we went out for our anniversary. Sunday was church, a council meeting, seeing Bethany off at the airport, and bunko.
Today I ran lots of errands, made some phone calls, worked on my calendar, and took Jonathan to his voice lesson. I feel like I'm starting to get back in the groove.

I'm still feeling a little less enthusiastic about social events than usual, but I'm sure that will pass as my energy continues to come back.

I think that some changes that I've made in my diet are helping, too. I'm trying very hard to only eat real food. After reading French Women Don't Get Fat, I have been really making an effort not to eat unless I'm paying attention and to only eat things that taste good. Really good. Right now I'm reading In Defense of Food and it is just strengthening my resolve to stay away from things that come in a package or have ingredients that are unpronounceable or aren't "food" in their own right. I know that eating right will only make me feel better.


Elephantschild said...

It's astonishing how often I look back and connect a stretch of cruddy emotional health with a stretch of less-than-wonderful eating habits.

Now, the real trick would be remembering before I dive into the piece of cheesecake that it's going to make me feel like a cesspool for the next two days...

Rachel said...

I did like French Women Don't Get Fat
(having worked at the bookstore, I read a great many books on subjects I wasn't actually interested in)
as it seems to validate my love of the reeeeeally good stuff- in moderation.

But I still drink soda a couple times a week. :-D