Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taxes, taxes, taxes

I have so many things that I could use this day at home for:

I could clean my room.

I could put some stuff on ebay.

I could bake something. Like bread.

I could drive and see my nephew, who I still haven't met!

I could get ready for my scrapbooking retreat this weekend.

I could continue my wrangling with the insurance company over what constitutes an emergency, and with the hospital over their mis-coding.

I could read a book.

Instead I will be trying to finish my taxes. Every year it seems we have some twist to our already complicated and time-consuming taxes. This year is no exception.

Flat tax, anyone?


Groovy Mom said...

Flat Tax. Yes, please!

Linda said...

Hey, here's a shout-out from Muncie, IN!