Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Car repairs

Why is it that when something goes wrong with the car, and we take it in for repair, I should be quizzed about why it cost so much?

Do I look like I can tell if the repair dude is telling me the truth?
Do I look like I want to spend too much money getting my car fixed?

If a man is going to second guess the results of a trip to the garage, he needs to take the car in himself and wait while the car-fixer-dudes work so he can quiz them.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Perhaps prices have gone up since the last time he took the car in. Or have him call over the phone for an estimate describing the problem and see if he gets a different price. If there is a huge discrepancy reveal who you and he are and threaten to go to another shop next time.

Gen said...

Absolutely! I hate dealing with car stuff. I wish I knew enough about them to make an informed decision about repairs. I wish my husband knew enough about them to fix them himself. :-P

Jane said...

I think that the real problem is that in many cases, including this one, he could have done it, given enough time. But time is always in short supply.

And he does tend to be out of touch with how much things cost, except for gas. :)