Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One picnic, hold the ants

Mumme mom posts about picnics after reading this piece by John Rosemond.

We love picnics. Food of all kinds tastes better in the fresh air. Last year Colin's birthday and father's day gift was a fire pit that doubles as an outdoor table. We've eaten many meals on our patio in the last year.

We also have several big picnics every year. There's always one for Colin's company, and our extended family usually gets together at Mounds Park in Anderson at least once for a family picnic.
This is the old-fashioned, sit at picnic tables, play wiffle ball and frisbee, go for a walk in the woods, picnic. We also look forward to our church council picnic, when we get to hang out with our friends.

One of our favorite family traditions is our trip each year to the Symphony on the Prairie at Conner Prairie near Indianapolis. We take along lots of blankets for the family to sit on, my mom makes fried chicken and we all bring along the necessary foods to go with it: rolls and butter, potato salad, chips, grapes and cherries, cheese and crackers, carrots, celery, & radishes, cookies and brownies, and--if we're very good--my sister-in-law Kim brings chocolate covered strawberries.

Then we all sit back and listen to the wonderful music and wait for the fireworks. This is always a highlight of our summer. The first time Colin and I went was 21 years ago when I was pregnant with Bethany, and we've only missed it twice.

The kids and I enjoy impromptu picnics once in a while. Sometimes we make sandwiches and head to whatever park we're in the mood for. Sometimes we're already out and we'll grab Taco Bell or a hot dog and go eat at a park. Just last week my mom and I were lamenting the disappearance of roadside picnic tables. These used to be fairly common along state highways. There would be a safe spot to pull off the road and a picnic table. Once in a while there would be some other amenity like a pump for water or a trash can. We like to travel with a cooler and sandwiches, but often end up eating in the car because there often aren't good spots to stop.

When and where do you picnic?


Favorite Apron said...

When we are traveling, we get off the interstate and look for a cemetery or a school or church playground.

Jane said...

That's a good idea. We'll have to remember that next time.

Marie N. said...

The fire pit is beautiful!

I love these picnic traditions.

~Jennifer said...

Park day is our usual picnic time. I love the fire pit!

Mumme Mom said...

What a neat fire pit, and I love all of your picnic places.

Growing up south of Indy, our school would take a field trip to Conner Prairie. I love that place. I'm hoping to take my kids there this next year as our history studies coming up are from the Explorers to 1815 time period.

Linda said...

I also read the Rosemond piece and marvelled at how lost the tradition is.

Linda said...

Oh yeah, I'm in Muncie!