Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fresh food!

This is an exciting day around here. I weeded and thinned in the garden today and we have turnips! I am getting ready to fix a mess of turnip greens and some yummy creamed turnips. We also have a couple of kinds of lettuce ready to eat.

There are little tiny tomatoes, and sweet little zucchini that are promising future enjoyment, along with blossoms on the pepper, cucumber and squash plants. Just looking at my garden makes me hungry!

We will be planting our second bunch of turnips and beets next week, along with some kale. It's hard to believe that just a little over a month ago Andrew and I were watching for the baby plants and worrying that the cat would trample them. Now she's resting in their shade.

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Marie N. said...

I've never had creamed turnips, I'll have to try that.

We've enjoyed several salads so far but nothing else. I've begun picking snap peas for the first wonderful stir-fry (next week) and I've begun freezing green beans. I've harvested exactly 4 beans so far!

I'm glad you're enjoying the gardening.