Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A-ha moment

Okay, cleaning is not my favorite thing. I have paid someone to do it in the past and will again when finances allow.

But I did grow up in a very, very clean home and I know how to do it properly and well. I am also trying to teach my kids how to do it well, although probably not with the consistency or frequency that would be desirable.

In my mother's house dusting/cleaning walls, baseboards, doorframes, etc., were part of the weekly cleaning. I have never done them this frequently, but still manage to do them with some frequency. (As an aside, I was shocked to discover, after almost a year, that my cleaning lady didn't dust the door frames!)

So baseboards are done on the hard floors each time I sweep--almost daily--on the carpeted areas every month or so. Door frames about once a month. But the walls have been neglected because we have high-ish ceilings and I have not had much success with the fuzzy duster implements. They drop the dust everywhere else. I hate standing on something. So it just hasn't been done much.

So this morning I had a brainstorm: the Swiffers with the extendable handles, which I already had for my floor. This worked absolutely beautifully and now all of my walls are dusted! (This may seem obvious to some of you, but I was thrilled.)


Susan said...

We all have our things we like to keep clean, and those spots we don't care about. I remember one of the ladies at church complaining that the other volunteer janitors didn't wash the windows between the nave and the narthex. Hey, I don't wash my own windows. Either Gary or Andrew will do it when they get disgusted with the cleanliness level. But I want my floors clean. At church when it was our turn, I cleaned doorknobs and faucet handles, and washed the stall walls in the bathroom; nobody else thought to do that. We all care about different spots!

Like you, I do tops of doorframes each time I dust. I should do fingerprints on doorframes too, but that gets done when it looks ugly. Even though I do the doorframes, it never ever ever crossed my mind to do the tops of doors. Then one day Paul dusted the top of a bedroom door. GROSS. Now I try to remember to do those too.

Our walls are getting bad. I Swiffer the tops of the walls about once a month, maybe more, but the eye-level parts are getting fuzzy.... Does your mom do ALL the walls, top to bottom, each week? If so, that explains why I gasped at how clean Grandma Beery's "dirty" house was.

Cheryl said...

Oh my--walls, baseboards, door frames and tops of doors? You two are making me look at my house in a whole new (& unflattering) light. Please just let me know if you plan to drop by, okay?