Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Awarding Innovation

I went with my husband last night to a patent award banquet for his company. I expected a night of boredom, but it was really fascinating to see the patents that were awarded to them last year.

Some of them were design-related, like the shape of hoods, headlights, and grills. Some of them, like those that my husband received, are for very technical aspects that make the trucks more efficient and dependable. A huge majority are driven by two concerns: fuel efficiency and driver satisfaction.

I see how hard my husband works and how much he loves the trucks.But it was very interesting to see that company-wide they are working hard every day to improve some of the most mundane, yet vital, vehicles on the roads, things like utility trucks, school buses, and ambulances, along with the big trucks. They also are working hard to find ways to make safer vehicles for our military.

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Lisa said...

yeah... i never would have thought that i would have enjoyed working for a company that builds 'trucks' so much, but really it was one of the most fun and rewarding times i've ever had (not that there weren't normal every job stresses...)!