Sunday, June 10, 2007

New washer!

Did the first two loads in my new washer last night. Wow.

I'd forgotten how good clean laundry smells when your washing machine doesn't have mildew issues.
(And yes, we tried every possible remedy for the mildew problem. Nothing worked. We even replaced all of the effected parts last year with "improved" ones. It just got worse.)

Today I'm putting up my clothes line. I wonder how many of my neighbors will complain.


~Jennifer said...

I'm thinking of putting a clothesline up in my backyard. This being Western Washington makes hanging clothes a gamble, but in the summer we do get long stretches of nice weather, like sometimes even 3 days in a row. ;-) (The rain stories are actually propaganda to keep California people from moving here.Ha! Shhh!)

Presbytera said...

Started using my clothesline again this year after a several year hiatus. Arthritis makes it an interesting activity but I am enjoying it. My dear husband bought and will soon put up the second line do I can double my space. The other day when it was 95 here in Northern OH, the clothes dried quickly!

Congrats on the new washer....may you never smell mildew again!

Kim said...

I love my clothesline. Since we have very little rain it's an easy thing. I especially like the crispness of the sheets after drying on the line.

Is a clothesline against your association rules or do you think your neighbors will complain because they just don't like the way it looks?

Congratulations on the new, non-moldy, washer :)

Jane said...

The clothesline isn't against the covenants--I finally read them beginning to end--but I've had neighbors tell me that we can't have them.

I didn't do it today, but I'm going to give it a try tomorrow.

Barbara Frank said...

I sure miss my clothesline. It is in a storage unit in WI along with lots of other stuff we put away as we try to sell our house. Did you know clotheslines are not allowed in Barrington? Silly.

Congratulations on your new washer!